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Seven Checklists for Joyful Relocation

It is not yet mid of March and sun is already burning and showing its fury. Relocation task is always taken as a burden, and heat and humidity in Chennai acts as the catalyst. But moving can be fun by following wise steps. Today, we will discuss on how to make shifting relaxing. Find best movers packers in Chennai.

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Go through the following points to clear all doubts on relocation services:

  • Utilities- electricity, telephone, gas, etc., ought to be turned off in your present home one day before your move-out day. At the same time, turn on the utilities a day before your move-in date to the new house.
  • Organize and wrap-up of all inflammable substances that can’t be moved (dye, chemicals, vaporizer cans).
  • See if you have amassed anything in your cupboard, which you do not really need. After more packing, you might find few more things not useful to you. Do not throw or dump in the trash bin, consider donating things which are still in working condition.
  • Take back- up files from your computer, and also keep check of important papers, e-mail and paying bills while your computer is in transported.
  • Let’s not depend on one person to pack the whole household. Each family member should pack a suitcase.
  • Check in with your moving company one last time and confirm that everyone is on the same page. Reconfirm the moving-day arrival time as well as cell phone numbers and last-minute details.
  • Hiring a spring-cleaning company to come in and do a brisk cleaning after the movers leave, to ensure that everything is perfect and set-up to live in the new place.

So, in the above seven points you have seen that proper planning and hiring packers and movers in Chennai will result in joyful relocation. Rejoice the memories you have made in your home and get ready for a head-start in your life.


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