A Moving Checklist keeps your tension at bay

Are you wondering and feeling tensed about moving to a new home? Packing the contents of the whole house is no easy job. You have to plan eight weeks in advance. Put your planning into a form of checklist. Know more about Movers in Bangalore.

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The ‘TO-DO’ checklist

Estimating the budget is the most important and first task to be written down. It allows you select the moving service based on the allocated budget. If the budget is low, then you have to pack everything up by yourself and call the movers. If you have a comfortable budget, then there are movers who will pack the whole thing up for you. So, plan your budget eight weeks in advance.

Make a note of the floor plan of the new house and note down the appropriate place where the existing furniture should go. This will help in giving instructions to the movers.Take an inventory of the items in your house. This will allow you to check them after you move to the new home. It will help you find the lost or misplaced item.

Provide change of address notification to the banks, office, friends and relatives. This should be done six weeks in advance so that banks and office start the process of changing the address in your documents.

Utilities like internet connection and TV connection should also be done prior to moving.

If you are shifting to another state or moving to a faraway place, then confirm your travel arrangements and temporary accommodation.Confirm and book the moving service you have chosen before four weeks of moving. Essentials to pack in your essential bag on the D-day.

Have enough cash on hand

It’s now time to call the Movers in Bangalore to relocate! Have a relaxed relocation!


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