Requirements of ISO 17025 Documentation

ISO: 17025 standards is a generic document and it does not specify “how” to do, but only states “what” to do. As per the standard, the ISO 17025 Management System should be documented and be demonstrable in the manner consistent with the requirements of ISO 17025 laboratory management system standard requirements.

ISO 17025 manual should normally contain, or refer to: –

1.The title, scope and the introduction,
2.The table of contents of the manual,
3.The introductory pages about the organization concerned and the manual itself,
4.The ISO 17025 policy of the organisation,
5.The organisation,
6.Macro level how Elements of the ISO 17025 standards Management system is implemented,
7.A definitions section, if appropriate,
8.Guide to the ISO 17025 manual, if appropriate.
9.List of procedures as a reference

ISO 17025 Procedures:-

It is a manual comprising of a number of ISO 17025 procedures, each procedure being independent in it. Procedure manual should be made department wise / element wise. It is also called a “Middle Management Book”. Generally these ISO 17025 procedures are prepared by the functional head/co-coordinator in consultation with HOD. ISO 17025 procedures are also called operational procedure, as they are a snapshot of the actual activities taking place in a company at a particular point of time. They are considered to be the core of the system documentation for ISO 17025 achievement and assurance and confidential documents. They are intended for internal use and should be protected from misuse. These procedures are meant to instruct in broad terms, how the policies and objectives expressed in the ISO 17025 manual are to be addressed and achieved. They describe how the tasks and functions of the various departments should be performed to meet the requirements of the ISO: 17025standard at micro level. In general it describes 6 major questions for the activity. For detail list of procedures refer our web site and download our ISO17025 documentation demo. You may check here for ISO Consultants in Delhi here



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