Duties of ISO Consultants

An organization is instantly recognized as a quality producer or service provider if it has ISO certification. This certification also provides the certified firm with the passport to enter foreign markets. Hiring ISO certification consultants is an enhanced and simplest method to execute ISO in your business. Therefore, an ISO Consultants play a very vital role in overall effectiveness of the ISO management system.


  1. ISO consultants should write an overly complicated and convoluted ISO 9001 quality manual and quality procedures.
  2. These consultants should understand the work in areas that include marketing, human resources, management and accounting.
  3. They help in improving companies through assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions.
  4. Their role may include reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors and analyzing business practices.
  5. Once research is complete, these consultants may develop a new business model or prepare recommendations and present them.
  6. ISO consultants should also provide an analysis of the existing practices of a company and make recommendations for improvements.
  7. They should plan and carry out an audit in agreement with procedure as per ISO 19011: 2002. They collect intention confirmation by means of diverse techniques and settle on conventionality to the necessities of Quality Management System.

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